About Me



View More: http://mackennawaterhousephotography.pass.us/alyhinesI am a  30-something year old lady with a heart for Jesus. You can call me a Jesus freak, but I am just sold out because He saved me. I am a wife, married to my BFF, a fur-mom, and a mom in the making (battling infertility.) I love to write, paint, craft, drink coffee, and pray.

I grew up in Las Vegas, walking hand in hand with the world and now reside in Orange County in the arms of Jesus.  Before my salvation, I was a lost child, wandering with no identity or direction. I was stuck in a constant state of hopelessness, fear, depression, and anxiety. I had a God-sized whole in my heart and I tried everything and anything to fill it.

After years of addiction, God brought me to a place of complete desperation where He met me with open arms. He poured His loved down on me. I saw just a touch of Him and it was life changing. Every void I was longing to fill all my life,  was fulfilled in Him. Jesus freed me from the bondage of addiction, anxiety, and depression.  His love impacted my life in such a way that has caused me to want to share His love with the world.

I created Her Sword to share my overflow of freedom with other women. I have a heart to edify, build women up, and walk in unity.

I didn’t get saved into a piece of cake life. Not only did I have a lot of damage for God to restore from my past, I have faced battle after battle. I am in an on going season of learning my authority in Christ.  With His discernment and wisdom I have had revelation that we can conquer all battles through His word (the sword) and His Spirit. My goal is encourage you wherever you are at that no trial is too big for our Lord.  Life is messy,  but together we can stand firm in our identities in Christ and find freedom.

My prayer is that “His Sword” would be all about Him and not about me.